As a centre of historical importance since ancient times and an area of natural beauty Ardagh has a lot to offer primary school children. We provide active, integrated learning experiences in various areas of the curriculum including SESE (science, history and geography), SPHE, English or Irish, Maths, Drama and all strands of the Visual Arts, based on the collection and environment of Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre.

Our Discover Primary Science and Maths programmes integrate science and maths with construction, fabric and fibre and paint and colour.

We currently offer two programmes: Woodland Creations and Exploring Colour. We also hope to develop maths trails for junior and senior level in the near future.

DPSM workshop

Explore the woods, identify trees, insects, plants and animal homes and create a piece of art with natural objects, clay or paint. You can see one of these workshops here.

St. Brigid's Cross Workshop

St. Brigid had strong connections with Ardagh. Explore these connections, other popular St. Brigid stories and the Celtic Festival of Imbolc. Make a cross to bring home.

All our DPSM workshops and other workshops are available for bookings from schools and groups Monday to Friday. €4 per person for groups of more than 10 or €5 per person for groups of less than 10. Keep an eye out for our exciting plans for Engineer's Week!

P.S. Did you know the first photographs of fairies were taken 100 years ago this year? In celebration of that and acknowledging our local Sidhe King, Midir, we are having "A year with the fairies" in Creative Ardagh. Expect to see more and more evidence of them this year in the building, garden and woods!

Call to book your place now!