CÚRAM aims to radically improve health outcomes for patients by developing ‘smart’ medical devices and implants. It develops these devices through collaborations with industry partners and hospital groups to enable their rapid translation to clinics.

CÚRAM positions Ireland as the driver in developing medical device technologies that will provide affordable transformative solutions for chronic diseases. The centre strengthens Ireland’s standing as a major global hub for medical device research and development.

CÚRAM’s research programme focuses on innovative design, assessment and manufacture of medical devices and is driven by specialist researchers, clinicians and industry partners, ultimately translating research into clinical settings.

Research Areas

  • Biomaterials
  • Drug Delivery
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Device Design
  • Glycoscience

Research Programmes

Backed by €49.6m in SFI and industry funding, CÚRAM’s 250+ researchers are designing and manufacturing implants to respond to the body’s environment and delivering therapeutic agents exactly where they are needed. CÚRAM’s outputs will particularly benefit patients with chronic ailments such as heart disease, wound healing, diabetes and musculoskeletal diseases.

Academic Partners

Industry and Commercialisation

CÚRAM includes more than 24 industry partners, including Irish companies and multinationals. CÚRAM also supports product development and the creation of spin-out companies.


  • Biomaterials manufacturing and processing from nanoscale to macroscale level
  • Extensive biomaterials and biological characterisation
  • Physicochemical drug analysis
  • Device design and testing
  • National Biophotonics Imaging Platform (NBIP) including pre-clinical imaging
  • Centre for Cell Manufacturing (CCMI)
  • Preclinical disease models
  • GMP manufacturing
  • Clinical research and trial infrastructure

Education and Public Engagement

CÚRAM work in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland and other SFI Research Centres to encourage education and public engagement initiatives. CÚRAM organise and develop local and national programmes including:

  • CÚRAMOBILE workshops including, Puppet PhDs where primary school kids to learn science in the lab
  • ReelLIFE SCIENCE, a short film for Irish primary and secondary schools
  • DEVISE, Cúram’s Education and Public Engagement Programme
  • Residency Programmes such as the Chimera Art and Science Programme

Key Contact Details

Prof Abhay Pandit
Centre Director


Dr Stefania Spada
Scientific Programme Manager


Dr. Neil Ferguson
Industry Programme Manager


Ms Carmel McGroarty-Mitchell
Industry Liaison Officer

carmel.mcgroarty-mitchell @nuigalway.ie

Claire Riordan
Scientific Engagement Associate